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Polkadot Hubs are Polkadot community-operated spaces, where people who share their interest in Polkadot, meet and work on ecosystem projects, and learn from each other. You can imagine each of them as small DAOs.

You can see the in progress Polkadot Hubs framework document here.

Polkadot Forums discussion is here.

There are 700 hackerspaces around the world and the number is increasing, but they are not always working towards a shared and focused goal. We aim to improve the model by adding a focal point around Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem and implementing a Web3 compatible framework that values positive contribution.

The Polkadot Hub concept is in an initial state where we have an open call to all ambassadors, ecosystem teams, developers, and contributors to participate in creating hubs all over the world: Respond to the open call here.

You can find the members of the Polkadot Hubs collective on this link.

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