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1. Node validator for Polkadot / Kusama relay and the ecosystem parachains / projects

I'm thinking about how the Hubs could be run as physical relay & parachains node validators (for those who utilize PoS-kind of consensus).

The reasons are (pros): 1. Bring the decentralization further by distributed nodes across the globe (not just barely in the centralized cloud servers) 2. Give the Hubs a business model for self-sufficient (validators rewards) 3. Give more trust to the nearby communities as nominators for the hubs as part of their contribution to the particular Hub. 4. Give education to the locals on how to run a node if they want to run themselves

Cons: 1. Need permanent location, and stable internet and electricity 2. Need people tho constantly available to maintain

2. Onchain identity registrar

Verified by Polkadot Hub members, locally.

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